Proudly serving our community for 82 years.

About Us

Southwestern Virginia Gas Company has been serving Martinsville and surrounding area since1942. We have a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Virginia State Corporation Commission to distribute gas to the city of Martinsville, Henry County, and portions of Pittsylvania County, and have been distributing natural gas to that area since 1952.

Our employees work to serve our customers Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. If there is an after hours emergency, we can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling (276) 632-5665.


Mission Statement

Southwestern Virginia Gas Company is a group of highly skilled and motivated people dedicated to provide, honestly and ethically, superior and completely reliable service to satisfy our customers' basic desire for comfort, pleasure, and profit at a fair price.

Recognizing the important contribution that each employee makes toward achievement of the Company's goals, the Company will endeavor to provide meaningful and satisfying employment for each employee with what we believe are competitive compensation and benefits so that each may grow and experience a sense of personal importance and dignity. The Company expects the highest quality of loyalty, dedication, and performance from each employee. Recognizing the important contribution that the stockholders make to the Company, the Company will strive to provide a fair and equitable return on the investment of stockholders.

In order to continue to provide superior service for our customers, competitive compensation and benefits for our employees, and a fair and equitable return for our stockholders, it is essential that the Company and its employees strive to expand their customer base through the generation of new customers by informing potential customers of the ways in which the Company can satisfy their basic desires for comfort, pleasure, and profit and through acquisition of customers from other providers of similar service.


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