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Natural Gas Ranges - Cook with natural gas and make your life easier.

Most professional chefs prefer gas ranges for reliability, flexibility and instant and even heating. Whether you are a "basic" or "gourmet" cook, there is efficient gas equipment designed to meet all your cooking needs.

Natural gas cooking appliances also cost less to operate - about half the cost of operating an electric range. Newer gas stoves have pilot-less ignition systems that use an electric current to light the burners, instead of the standing pilot light of yesteryear's stoves. That saves money and energy. However, during power outages, gas ranges can be a lifesaver because they can still be lit manually

Gas RangesCook with natural gas and make your life easier
The gas range is a combination of the cooktop and the oven. They come in a variety of combinations including freestanding and slide-in. Slide-in ranges fit standard counter depths and conventional range depths (24-inches deep by 30-inches wide) along with drop-in models that fit into base cabinets, providing a built-in look. Models also come in 36, 48, and 72-inch widths, which allows for the addition of extra burners and larger ovens.

Gas Cooktops
Nothing gives you precision control like a natural gas cooktop. From gently heating a delicate sauce to boiling a big pot of water - today's models deliver the precise heat you need. Gas cooktops offer instant temperature change, unlike the cool down time you will experience with the new ceramic electric models. And there is a dizzying array of mix-and-match cooktop features; different-sized burners, power burners, grills and wok rings, griddles, steamers and even deep-fryers.
A kitchen designed around an island perfectly accommodates a cooktop. You will also find cooktop drop-in models that fit into base cabinets, which creates more storage space in a smaller kitchen.

Gas Ovens
Nothing bakes, boils and bastes like a natural gas oven. Natural gas heat has more moisture than electric, which can provide better quality baking. Also, natural gas ovens offer the precise heat that cooktops offer. Standard temperature swings on conventional ovens are as much as 25-to-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Gas ovens cool by only 10 degrees Fahrenheit before heating up again. That is the way ovens maintain the temperature.

Natural gas broiling is virtually smokeless. The splatter goes up into the flame and is consumed, so you can broil with the door shut. That can be a lifesaver in the summer because it reduces the amount of heat in your kitchen.

Self-cleaning ovens are a practical option for the homeowner in a hurry. The natural gas heat in the self-cleaning feature maintains your oven's cleanliness safely and easily.

It doesn't matter what your kitchen setup is, there's a natural gas oven suitable for it. Ovens come in 24, 27, and 30 inch widths, and in single or double oven configurations. Gas ovens come in radiant heat or convection models. Radiant heat provides a steady heat that is ideal for baking and broiling. It heats the food, not just the air surrounding it, and locks in the juices and nutrients. Fan-forced convection ovens circulate hot air around the food for even heating and browning at lower temperatures.


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