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Natural Gas Water Heaters - Unsurpassed water heating.

Your water heater is probably the second largest contributor to your energy bill. Water heating normally consumes 15 to 25 percent of all home energy.

Unsurpassed water heating

Replacing your electric water heater with a natural gas model means lower energy bills, greater reliability and more hot water. In fact, a gas water heater is so much cheaper than electricity: waiting to buy one could be a big mistake. Converting to natural gas water heating is easy. You won't pay a lot more to install one, and you can recover the extra cost of conversion quickly because natural gas models cost less to operate. And, if you do so while your new home is under construction, it is even more cost effective.

You will get more hot water. Gas water heaters are up to the challenge of being ready when you need them. Natural gas water heaters recover up to 40 percent faster than electric models. More hot water, faster! Peace of mind, plenty of hot water, lower energy bills.... You get all that with a high-efficiency natural gas water heater.

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